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Kelley Vault & Monument is a family-owned business that focuses on providing personalized headstones and burial vaults for you or your loved ones.

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Each memorial as unique as the life it is celebrating.

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Kelley Vault was started in 1923 by Roy Kelley, who used his knowledge of cement to make burial vaults that would Last Forever. As of today, we are a fifth-generation family business with over 100 years of experience. We are proudly committed, just like Grandpa Roy, in giving our customers the highest quality funeral products. Our goal is to personalize your headstone in any way we can and to have it stand forever.

Normally you would only have to wait about 6 weeks for a headstone. However, there is a logistical backlog in the domestic quarries due to Covid 19. This is making a stone that would Normally take 6 weeks to order take 6 months. There is a silver lining however, wait times have been going down over the past year. It looks likely that wait times will go back down to pre Covid 19 levels within the year.  

If you are getting a stone is less expensive online it probably because you are paying for just the headstone. Our service includes not only the headstone but the sandblasting of the lettering and the installation of the headstone. A problem that you could run into with a online company that if they are not a local company they will not install the headstone. Not only will that be an additional cost to you. You are going to have a hard time finding a business that will install another companies’ headstone do to the potential financial risk it poses.

All the headstones we sell are granite. Granite is the hardest carving stone on the planet. Granite consists of quarts and feldspar a lot with various other minerals. All these minerals over time form an interlocking structure that creates a uniform and tight composition which allows it to be hard, tough and dense. This tight crystalline structure also means water has a very difficult time penetrating the stone making it quite durable and able to stand up to inclement weather for very long periods of time (we are talking centuries and even millennia) without losing its structural integrity. As a side note they are also beautiful pieces of stone. 

As of right now from the time we order a headstone to when we install the headstone it takes 6 months.

Yes, we offer a product called Paradise Pictures. This picture is make of a special grade steel that is coated twice in porcelain before it is printed on. They are highly durable and they do not fade over time. The picture also has a free replacement policy that covers cemetery damage and vandalism.

There a certain piece of information that we need to know before we order a stone that you, the customer, are probably not going to know. We strongly recommend that you come to our office so we can guide you through the process of ordering your headstone so it is exactly what you are looking for. Your headstone will last forever that is why we want to work with you in person to make it perfect in every way.  

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